Server Paging System

Increase Check Averages:

The ServAlert® Paging System lets you run a smoother operation while increasing check averages, no matter the delivery system - server pickup, teams or runners. Designed Restaurant Tough™, QuikCall™ allows your servers the time to focus on your guests and employ suggestive selling to increase sales. Managers and servers can be notified if there are any questions or problems in the kitchen that require immediate attention

ServAlert Allows You To:

service by You. Efficiency by JTECH:
ServAlert® instantly notifies servers when orders are ready, optimizing food quality, guest service and staff efficiency. ServAlert transmitters are available in several panel sizes to accommodate restaurants of all sizes. The QuikCall™ pager provides a durable, low profile silent vibration pager designed for the rigors of the restaurant environment.

ServAlert Features:

Additional Features: